AgilePower AI/Machine Learning Services

AI & Machine Learning

Our expert engineers having analytical and methodological technique to solve problems which can be relative while designing or writing effective algorithms. AgilePower team of specialists support your AI engine in Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines, Principal Component Analysis and other ML algorithms. We provide trained human interaction to meet your Machine Learning deadlines, ahead of schedule.


BlockChain has changed the way the world looks at data transactions. Whether you are providing solutions for authentication or compliance, building cryptocurrency wallets, or launching your own ICO, you can leverage our BlockChain expertise. AgilePower is devoted to bring the modern BlockChain technology to enable secure and custom developed solutions that suit the unique case of the venture. The developers at AgilePower are highly experienced and skilled to offer the best possible solutions.

AgilePower Block-chain Development Services
AgilePower IoT and Connected Development Services

IoT and Connected Devices

IoT is not a concept; it is a network of networks. IoT has transformed from just another concept to a real digital revolution. It has impacted our daily lives and continues to find new ways of having an effect. The idea behind IoT technology is to connect various devices and make them communicate over the internet. AgilePower offer unrivaled IoT application development services to clients who are looking to part of their IoT Projects. We combine our profound insight about the IoT technology with the acumen of our team and the power of this technology.


In the recent years, microservices architecture has become very popular. Quite interestingly, the SOA was implemented quite differently across the industry. Microservices architecture is the natural progression from SOA towards a more well-defined architecture that is meant for scale and is lightweight. Traditional monolithic apps were hard to scale. We work with daring, innovative companies who actively seek the benefits of modern software development practices. We join your teams to transition your company to modern practices in DevOps, cloud, test automation, and microservices. We love sharing our expertise; we help you leave legacy processes behind, we provide training to level up your technical skills. We are partners with cutting-edge DevOps and cloud platforms to bring you tried-and-tested solutions to your specific problems

AgilePower Microservices Development Services
AgilePower Augmented Reality Development Services

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality goes far beyond games. It bridges the physical and digital worlds. We help you build transformative products and enhance your customer’s experience of reality using Augmented Reality. We can supply augmented reality development resources experienced in 20+ platforms across mobile, desktop, web and game console experiences with support on various AR/VR devices. We are completely impartial, ensuring that you as customer always get the most suitable technology for their VR and AR projects.

Mobile & Wearables

We provide tailored solutions in the area of wearable devices, analyzing your necessities and designing prototypes to test concepts so they can be validated before being put into production. Mobile and wearable technology is not just about quick notifications and simple interactions. They are now the focal point of everything: monitoring production, approving decisions, completing transactions, indoor and outdoor navigation. We help you determine and execute the best-fit mobile strategy for your products.

AgilePower Mobile and Wearable Development Services
AgilePower Dev Ops and Infra Services

Dev Ops and Infra

DevOps and infrastructure automate redundant tasks that improve time to market and bring business agility. As your partner we leverage the power of cloud adoption, automation, collaboration, and monitoring. DevOps is a software development and operations tool that facilitates continuous integration, continuous development (CICD), continuous deployment, operational efficiency, and faster turn-around. We automate end-to-end delivery pipeline and offer innovative services to improve the adoption and implementation of DevOps services. Be it DevOps Consulting or DevOps Implementation service, we emphasize on collaboration to ensure agile delivery by reducing iterations, anticipating problems, and proactively ensuring smooth execution and deployment. Our team applies lean and agile principles across the entire software lifecycle.


User experience design is all about convenience and the pleasure of human-computer interaction. Our UX team analyzes your targeted customer’s behavior, develops prototypes to create and implement effective UI – with the main goal to take your product’s user experience to the next level. That is what enables you to achieve solid business results. Frontend development is what interferes with human. They feel it, touch it and experience it. The frontend development is more about the looks and less about the codes – it is an interface which leads to client experience. AgilePower offers intuitive UI-UX/frontend development services which helps the businesses to stand out of the crowd.

AgilePower UX/UI Services

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