AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Every successful new application built today will be an intelligent application. Chat bots, Virtual assistants, e-commerce sites, dating apps are all continuously improving experiences for users. In addition, legacy applications are becoming intelligent to compete and keep pace with the new wave of applications. Velotio provides services to AI/ML product companies as well as companies building intelligent applications using AI/ML services and solutions. Some of these services include:
AgilePower Machine Learning Services

Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition

Building a solution involving machine learning is much more than the model. It is a complex mix of data structures, model training, model integration and architecture. We engage in end-to-end delivery of a machine learning solution tailored to bring product features to life.

AgilePower iOT Services

Computer Vision & Image Processing

Deep learning techniques have given a fillip to computer vision and image processing solutions. However, training models for proprietary and domain-specific data sets is a challenge. We find innovative ways to transform the domain-specific part of a problem into a generic computational problem in order to deliver practical solutions.

AgilePower Bid Data Services

Mathematical Optimization

Optimization algorithms are the foundation of modern-day machine learning. However, there is a rich history dating back to many decades. We strive to use these fundamental algorithms to deliver solutions to problems involving allocation, balancing, routing.

AgilePower Wearables Services

Natural Language Processing

There are many NLP APIs and services available today. Some of these services could give 80% accuracy on extraction tasks involving generic data. However, to solve really hard problems involving natural language understanding, especially with proprietary and small data sets, we need to skillfully use machine learning techniques along with traditional NLP algorithms.

Our Process

Agile Development Outsourcing & Process
AgilePower Agile Outsourcing Process

Reliable, efficient delivery.

Every time.
AgilePower Agile Experts


Applicants are strictly recruited and trained to work on the AgilePower platform.

AgilePower Mange Agile Projects


Companies get a dedicated project manager that ensures quality and handles communication.

AgilePower Fast Delivery


Nobody on the internet is faster than AgilePower. Start a project instantly and get your project back within 12-24 hours.

AgilePower Realiable Agile Services


Deadline reliability, quality guarantee, and full confidentiality are the reason enterprises choose AgilePower.

AgilePower maintains Confidentiality on all projects


All project files are encrypted and only accessible to the team working on the project, and all file downloads are logged. Everyone in AgilePower signs a strict NDA and goes through confidentiality training. We have invested significant resources in our GDPR compliance and we comply with the Privacy Shield framework.

AgilePower Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solution

Our Enterprise Solutions Team supports with procurement processes (RFPs, SOWs, NDAs, invoicing, compliance, etc.), setting up corporate accounts and onboarding team members, building dedicated AgilePower teams, and other related topics.

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